*✧♡ this batch of handmade smoke ring pre-orders are all claimed / sold out ♡ thank you for all the love ♡ i will release more soon ♡✧*

pyrite druzy smoke ring ♡ *pre-order*
pyrite druzy smoke ring ♡ *pre-order*

pyrite druzy smoke ring ♡ *pre-order*

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 *pre-order* a one of a kind raw pyrite druzy, hand wrapped in golden brass wire, as a smoke ring. each crystal is unique & one of a kind  ♡  

*pre-order- to be created for you; takes approximately 3 weeks, to be hand created for you. if ordering, please be patient with me, as I create everything by hand. if possible, i will mail sooner! thank you for appreciating my creations & artistic process  *

*thicker smoke? include a note at checkout or email me & i’ll make the prongs larger!*

*SIZING- if you would like yours to be create a certain ring size, please include a note at checkout or dm / email me! standard is made around a size 7- can be worn as a midi ring or normal ring depending on fit. * 

hand created with love & positive intent in buffalo, ny ♡ thank you for appreciating my creations ♡