*✧♡ this batch of handmade smoke ring pre-orders are all claimed / sold out ♡ thank you for all the love ♡ i will release more soon ♡✧*

upcoming pop-up shops

hi loves
so happy to share I will be making my one & only annual in person pop-up shop again!!
Music is Art Festival ♡ Saturday, September 9th from 11 am til possibly as late as 9pm depending how i feel! I always try to stay as late as I can, as my energy allows. location: Riverfest Park at Buffalo Riverworks 
ps, i don’t usually do in-person sales because
i am neurodivergent & very much
an introvert, but i love you all ♡
 feel free to message or email me if you have any questions, or to let me know of a future event you'd like to see me at! 
--last updated April 2022