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to keep your crystals & jewelry looking its best, proper care is important 

recommended care:

brass smoke rings: from research & my experience i have determined that brass is the best material to use for smoking. brass naturally ages / darkens over time / use. to keep your brass ring in the best condition, it is good to wipe off the metal ring & prongs using a soft microfiber cloth after use to remove any oils from your skin / smoking :) 

to keep your jewelry in the best condition keep away from moisture, lotions, & oils - gold filled & sterling silver pieces can get wet (I shower in mine) but you will extend the life, shine, & brightness of your jewelry by avoiding those in excess.

opals, pyrite, selenite: avoid getting wet whenever possible, handle with care 

Sterling Silver Pieces:  Sterling Silver pieces are made with solid sterling silver. If necessary, you can use warm water to wash your jewelry items gently, and dry with a soft cloth. 

14k Gold Fill Pieces: Gold fill is a thick layer of gold over sterling silver wire (100% more gold content than plated.) If necessary, you can use warm water and a natural soap to clean your jewelry, and dry with a soft cloth. 

Gold Plated Pieces: Gold plating is a thin layer of gold over a base metal. Remove pieces before swimming, showering, or sweating to prevent tarnish. Some color change is natural over time from continued ware or contact with skin. 

remove while bathing, swimming, or sweating heavily 

If with proper care damage or ware does occur, please contact me & I will happily make repairs. See Shop Policies for details.